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The Outdoors, as it was meant to be experienced


About the owner: I'm From Alaska myself and my three children, I married my husband that's from La Push in 2008 and we also have a daughter together. My husband is a commercial fisherman outside of La Push, WA he fishes for Crab, and Tuna Fishing. I owned a business in Alaska before my previous husband passed away from cancer which is the reason of the move from Alaska to WA, My son is 27 and is also a commercial fisherman outside of Alaska he just got married 2012 to Emily a child hood friend, her parents own a lodge in Alaska and do charters as well. She is a nurse out of Bremerton, WA. My daughter Brandie was a business specialist for Chase bank, but she is married and has a baby boy now so know does the bookings for me, so you will be talking to her when you make your reservation. My other two girls are Emily and Haily. Emily is 13 almost 14 and is in 8th grade you know how teenage girls go, but if you need a baby sitter for your stay she's your girl. My youngest is Haily little fire cracker she is 6 going on 20. We have a large family but we are always there for each other couldn't ask for a better one.

My husband built our home from the ground up with his two hands he loves to fish and loves the river so he picked the location it was his before i came along. We decided to turn half of our property to a camp ground to create the experience of a stress free camping trip without all the extra luggage we have it for you here!  

The view of the Sol Duc river, the smell of the salt water in the air from the beaches all around the off the grid feel away from the rat race!